Hair Extensions in Los Angeles

Hair Extensions in Los Angeles

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Professional hair extensions by Beach Beauty Booth are an excellent choice for adding length, volume or both to your hair. Beach Beauty Booth provides expert hair extension services for West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood and the surrounding areas. Our location is conveniently right off the 405 and close to the beach. With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, you can be assured that you'll receive the hair and the look that you've always dreamed of.

Beach Beauty Booth specializes in shrink link and micro link hair extensions. When receiving hair extension services, it's our goal to provide you with an easy process from start to finish. Due to this, Beach Beauty Booth hair extension customers can choose to have us order the hair and supplies needed, or you can elect to purchase the hair and supplies on your own. If purchasing your own hair and supplies, Remy 100% human hair is recommended due to its proven quality, durability and blending options.


A consultation is needed prior to hair extension installation in order to match hair color(s) and texture, along with determining the length and number of extensions needed. Beach Beauty Booth's consultation fee is $30 and the fee can be applied towards the cost of installation if the service is completed.

Shrink Link Hair Extensions

Shrink link hair extensions are Beach Beauty Booth's preferred installation method due to their kindness to the client's natural hair, longevity and comfort. During the installation process, tiny plastic tubes which contain a coating of keratin on the inside are used to attach the extension to the client's hair. The process begins by threading a shrink link onto the natural hair and then inserting a pre-bonded individual hair extension into the tube along with your natural hair. Using a special heat clamp, the shrink link is then heat activated so that it shrinks around both the natural hair and the extension, forming a secure bond.

The seal created using the shrink link method is water tight. Only a tiny amount of glue is present on the inside of the tube in order to prevent slippage and the glue does not bond with your natural hair. This makes the shrink link method incredibly kind on your hair, while giving you extensions that last 8-12 weeks, that also look and feel completely natural. The plastic does not break down during this time and there's very little shedding due to the hair extension being pre-bonded.

When it comes time to remove or reapply the individual hair extensions, the shrink link is simply reheated and then taken out by sliding it down the hair. Very little residue is left behind, which is easily removable. Due to the hair being pre-bonded, the hair used in shrink length hair extensions can typically be reused as long as they are well cared for.

Note: Our heads shed an average of 100 hairs daily which can cause hair extension bonds to become weaker over time. Due to this, it can be expected to lose 1-10 hair extensions over the course of an 8 week period based on an installation of 80 hair extensions.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro link hair extensions are installed using small metal tubes. The tubes come in a variety of colors so that they blend in with the color(s) of the natural hair and the extensions. To install micro link extensions, the small metal tube is slid up the hair using a special tool and then a pre-bonded individual extension is inserted into the tube containing the strands of natural hair. A clamping tool is then used to flatten the ring which secures both the natural hair and the extension. The inside of a micro link tube is threaded so that when it's flattened, it prevents slippage.

Hair Extensions Maintenance

To keep your hair extensions looking their best and lasting for a long time, it's important to properly take care of them. Beach Beauty Booth will provide you with all of the information that you need in order to keep your extensions looking beautiful. When it's time to adjust your extensions or have them reapplied, simply book your appointment so we can take care of all of your needs.

Hair Extensions Services

A deposit of 1/3 of the total price must be prepaid to order the hair. The hair pieces are given to the client instead of the deposit if the client cancels but the hair has already been ordered.

Beach Beauty Booth's hair extension pricing for the shrink link (plastic tubes) method is as follows for when we supply the hair, supplies and labor:

50 pieces (approximate time 3 hours):     View Pricing

100 pieces (approximate time 6 hours):     View Pricing

For micro link hair extensions when we supply the hair, supplies and labor:

50 pieces (approximate time 3 hours) :     View Pricing

100 pieces (approximate time 6 hours):     View Pricing

If you supply the hair and the shrink links or micro links, pricing is as follows:

50 pieces installed.:     View Pricing

100 pieces installed. :     View Pricing

For hair extension maintenance or removal services, the cost is $70 per hour for the first 2 hours and $50 per hour for each additional hour thereafter.

Reminder: A consultation is required and the fee is $30, which will be applied to your hair extension installation if you choose Beach Beauty Booth for your installation.

Are you ready to add the volume and the length to your hair that you've always wanted? Simply book your appointment online with Beach Beauty Booth to get started! Beach Beauty Booth provides professional hair extension services in West LA and the surrounding communities.