Airbrush Tanning in Los Angeles

Airbrush Tanning in Los Angeles

Beach Beauty Booth is your expert airbrush tanning provider in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood and the surrounding areas of California. Too busy to come to us? Avoid the traffic and let us bring our airbrush tanning services to you! With our protective mobile tent, there is no mess to worry about and we can set up just about anywhere.

Airbrush tanning is the safe alternative to tanning in the sun or using tanning beds. In addition, it also surpasses the quality of self-tanning lotions and sprays as it provides even and flawless coverage without streaking.

Airbrush tans typically last five to ten days, making them perfect for weddings, special events, tanning parties, a night out on the town or for when you have a photo shoot coming up. For a long-last effect, airbrush tans can be reapplied as needed to keep your skin glowing.

Are you a hotel concierge who wants to offer your guests additional in-room services? Mobile airbrush tanning is an ideal way to provide your guests with luxury and make them feel pampered. For wedding planners, mobile airbrush tanning is a fun and relaxing service to suggest to your bridal parties!

Beach Beauty Booth's mobile airbrush tanning is perfect for those working in the entertainment industry who may be stuck on location in Los Angeles or who have privacy concerns. We can visit you on the set or in the privacy of your own home. Our tanning technicians are discreet and we enforce a strict confidentiality policy. Upon request, we are happy to provide our clients with a confidentiality agreement.

Airbrush Tanning Services

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Mobile Tanning Services

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Airbrush Tanning FAQs

Q: How does the airbrush tanning process work?

A: The airbrush technician sprays temporary bronzer solution on your skin. This temporary bronzer solution helps guide the airbrush technician and gives the client instant color. Meanwhile, the applied temporary bronzer solution has DHA in it, which while on the skin, begins to develop the desired color discussed. This DHA "stain" in the temporary bronzer solution develops over a 13 hour period and should be left on the skin at least 8 hours, and if possible, overnight. The DHA color under the temporary bronzer solution will get darker as the hours pass. Then when you finally shower, the temporary bronzer solution will wash off and leave you with the "stained" skin color discussed. The stain will come off quicker the more you get the skin wet (swimming, sweating, showering, bathing), and will come off altogether, as your skin cell cycle renews itself, so it lasts 5 to 10 days average.

Q: What does a custom airbrush tan from Beach Beauty Booth Include?

A: Beach Beauty Booth provides everything that you need to achieve your desired tan, including:

• A shower cap to protect the hair
• Goggles to protect the eyes
• Face mask (filter fan in the room)
• Sluffwipes for exfoliation and PH level
• Barrier oil is applied to hands and feet
• Spray solution is mixed to your specifications of color depth
• Spray is applied by hand once, and back sprayed for even coverage and contouring
• Client dries in front of fans for 8-15 minutes to set

Q: What should I do before and after airbrush tanning?

A: It's very important to follow the before and aftercare instructions to achieve the results that you want and to keep your tan looking fantastic. Before and aftercare instructions are as follows:

• DO wear loose-fitting, dark clothing with flip flops to your appointment
• DO lightly exfoliant the night before receiving your tan treatment
• DO shave the night before, or wax 24 hours prior to appointment
• DON'T use moisturizers, deodorant, perfume, or makeup prior to appointment
• DON'T shower or exercise for at least 8 hours after your tan treatment
• DON'T put any products on your skin until you have washed the tan solution off
• DO place old sheets on the bed, lay on a towel, and wear dark clothing before showering
• DO use a sunscreen after showering, the DHA solution does not provide any SPF
• DO moisturize your skin often to help prolong your tan (ex: SJOLIE Tan Extender)
• DO leave the tanning solution overnight, if possible, or at least 8 hours.
• DON'T wipe any build-up in arms (from bending), or anywhere after you are sprayed; wash it all off (the temporary bronzer) when you shower.

Q: Is your spray tan solution vegan?

A: Yes! We use SJOLIE, which is a 100% vegan-made and aloe based organic DHA solution derived from only natural ingredients that are paraben free, erythrulose free and fragrance free.

Q: What should I wear to my tanning appointment?

A: Women should bring their own desired clothing or none.

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